The main problems in the machine tool machinery industry
                                                                                Release time:2020年9月7日    Publisher: Hangli Heavy Industry

                                                                                Although my country's machinery industry has achieved impressive results, we should also clearly see the severity of the machinery situation. my country still has disadvantages such as backward equipment, shortage of talents, extensive technology, and disorderly competition, especially in the past two years. Shanghai enterprises have not yet completed the original accumulation, and their ability to resist risks is weak. In summary, there are several questions:

                                                                                (1) The enterprise equipment is backward, and the supporting role of large-scale enterprises is not enough

                                                                                In the past few years, although many companies have upgraded their production equipment, many companies still use outdated, crude and backward production equipment, which directly affects product quality and market competitiveness. In particular, there is a lack of industry leaders that can lead the upgrading of industries in the region, the supporting role of large-scale enterprises is not obvious and not prominent, and the ability to resist risks is not strong.

                                                                                (2) The product grade is not high, and the transformation effect of high-tech is not enough

                                                                                my country's machinery products are no less than multiple series and tens of thousands of varieties, but some products are of low grade and market competitiveness is not strong. The quality of the series of products is not up to standard, and most companies rely on low-price competition from large-scale goods to maintain production, with high costs and low profit and tax rates.

                                                                                The shortage of technical personnel is also a very prominent problem in my country's machinery industry. The lack of senior technical personnel and the frequent flow of technical personnel directly affect the development of my country's machinery industry. Due to the insufficient number of technicians and the low level of technicians, some production processes are difficult to meet the design requirements, and new scientific and technological achievements have also encountered difficulties in transforming into productivity. In the enterprise, the education of all employees is insufficient and the quality of employees is not high, which is far from being able to meet the needs of the development situation, and has become a bottleneck restricting the development of the enterprise.

                                                                                (3) The service system is weak, and the supporting role in promoting industrial development is not enough

                                                                                my country's machinery industry is developing rapidly, but the supporting service system is far from adapting to the needs of the development situation. Insufficient attention has been paid to comprehensive service systems such as logistics, exhibition, information, training, consulting, and intermediary, which are closely related to the development of the machinery industry, and there is no strong support service role that can promote the healthy development of the machinery industry.

                                                                                (4) Orderly competition is chaotic, and the control effect of market order is not enough

                                                                                At present, the phenomenon of disorderly competition and mutual overwhelming still exists in the machinery enterprises in the southern Zhejiang region, leading to some criticisms in the society and directly affecting the survival and development of the enterprises.

                                                                                (5) The production cost needs to be reduced, and the working capital reserve is continuously enriched

                                                                                Due to macro-control, monetary tightening, and this year's soaring raw materials, production costs have increased, profit margins have become smaller and smaller, upstream costs have increased, and downstream product prices cannot be synchronized, making the profitability of some companies unsatisfactory.