Follow-up development of shearing machine technology innovation
                                                                                Release time:2020年9月7日    Publisher: Hangli Heavy Industry

                                                                                The national government agency actively supports the development of private machine tool enterprises in view of the inherent properties of the shearing machine tool industry, and actively encourages private capital to invest in the machine tool industry. This measure should also be seen as conducive to improving the internal structure and transformation of the domestic machine tool industry. An effective way of the traditional development model. In terms of innovation in the shearing machine industry, many regions with developed machine tool industry have enough examples. At the same time, we should actively explore and deepen the reform of the operating system in the machine tool industry, and establish a state-owned asset management model that suits the needs of the market economy and the characteristics of the machine tool industry, so as to build a good enterprise-level micro-foundation for the machine tool industry.
                                                                                Although my country's shearing machine tool industry has been developing strongly for many years, it has been following the old track technically and strategically, and has not fundamentally sought to change its development thinking. The world's machine tool industry is characterized by a high degree of internationalization, which is embodied in market internationalization, technology internationalization, and investment internationalization. Based on this, choosing a model and path suitable for the development trend of the contemporary machine tool industry is a must for the future strengthening of the domestic machine tool industry, and this choice should not only remain in form.
                                                                                At the same time, cross-border mergers and acquisitions in the shearing machine industry are also an important way to implement industry restructuring. In short, with a broader international vision, flexible and diverse operating methods, using all available domestic and foreign industrial resources, seeking a win-win situation for cooperation, and achieving the goal of innovation and upgrading in the machine tool industry, it should be actively promoted and implemented.