How to operate the shears is safer
                                                                                Release time:2020年9月7日    Publisher: Hangli Heavy Industry

                                                                                Shears are widely used in the processing industry, but how to operate the shears is safe? The safety of the shearing machine is related to the safety of every operator, and should not be ignored, and even attention should be paid. Professionals from the shearing machine manufacturers remind everyone to carefully check whether the various parts of the shearing machine are normal before work. The specific operation conditions are as follows:

                                                                                1. Insist on whether the electrical equipment of the shearing machine is in good condition and whether the lubrication system is smooth.

                                                                                2. Clean up the tools, measuring tools and other debris and corner wastes placed on and around the shearing machine table.

                                                                                3. It is not allowed to operate the shearing machine by one person alone, and 2-3 people should coordinate to complete the operation of the shearing machine.

                                                                                4. The fingers of the shearing machine operator should keep a distance of at least 200mm from the knife edge and leave the compression device of the shearing machine.

                                                                                5. The protective fence installed on the shearing trigger cannot block the eyes of the operator and cannot see the shearing part.

                                                                                6. The scrap generated after the shearing operation has edges and corners, and the shearing machine operator should remove it in time to prevent stabs or cuts.

                                                                                7. Adjust the blade gap of the shearing machine according to the specified cutting thickness.

                                                                                8. It is not allowed to cut two different specifications and different materials at the same time, and it is not allowed to cut by overlapping materials.

                                                                                9. The surface of the cut sheet should be flat, and no sheet can be compressed without cutting.

                                                                                10. Pay attention to the daily cleaning of the shears and clean up the shears in time.

                                                                                Finally, it is reminded that the shearing machine operator must first be familiar with the main structure, performance characteristics and operation methods of the shearing machine. Only in this way can the safety of the shearing machine be ensured.