Emergency method for troubleshooting of bending machine
                                                                                Release time:2020年9月7日    Publisher: Hangli Heavy Industry

                                                                                1. Check whether the mold fluid valve of the hydraulic press brake is fully opened. If it is due to oil contamination, the valve core of the fluid filling valve is not flexible and jammed, causing insufficient filling. Need to clean the hydraulic pressure brake mold filling valve and reinstall it to make the valve core flexible.
                                                                                2. Check whether the oil level of the oil tank of the bending machine die is too low and the filling port is not flooded. The upper cavity of the cylinder is filled with liquid during fast forwarding, causing insufficient filling. For the above reasons, you can add fuel tank oil to more than 5mm above the filling port so that the filling hole is completely flooded.
                                                                                3. Check whether the cartridge valve is stuck or the main valve core is stuck, and the damping hole is blocked. If it is the above reason, please disassemble the hydraulic bending machine mold overflow valve and clean it, and then reinstall it.
                                                                                4. Whether the solenoid coil of the mold relief valve of the proportional hydraulic bending machine is energized, and whether the voltage of the proportional solenoid coil meets the requirements. If it is the above reason, please check the related electrical reasons.