Safety Operating Regulations for Hydraulic Press
                                                                                Release time:2020年9月7日    Publisher: Hangli Heavy Industry

                                                                                Safety Operating Regulations for Hydraulic Presses
                                                                                1. The operator must understand the press structure, performance, mechanical transmission principle and electrical knowledge; proper lubricating oil should be injected before use.
                                                                                2. The safety protection and safety devices on the machine tool must be complete and reliable, and are not allowed to be dismantled or used at will.

                                                                                3. Keep the foot switch spring and the area around the controller tidy, do not place blanks and other objects, and pay attention to check whether the mechanical parts are damaged or malfunctioning, to prevent the occurrence of serial impact.
                                                                                4. The disassembly and assembly of the mold must be stopped. Do not press the button to adjust the mold. You must turn the flywheel to adjust. When calibrating the mold, the upper and lower molds must be aligned, the gap must be appropriate, the stroke is not easy to be too deep, and the lower mold pressure plate screws must be tightened. Turn the flywheel by hand for a test run, and then start driving after confirming that it is qualified.
                                                                                5. During operation, it is strictly forbidden to extend your hands between the mold cavities, and use pliers, tweezers, hooks or other special tools to send and take materials.
                                                                                6. When two or more people operate, only one person is allowed to control the foot switch, and they must act in unison and cooperate with each other.

                                                                                7. When the machine tool is in operation, the operator's mind should be highly concentrated, and it is not allowed to talk or laugh with others, and must stop after talking because of the incident.
                                                                                8. The side material or parts beside the mold or on the workbench should be cleaned with bar material or brush. Hand cleaning is not allowed.
                                                                                9. The dismantled mold should be stored on the designated safety shelf or returned to the warehouse, and should not be littered anywhere.
                                                                                10. In the event that the work is broken or iron filings bite on the mold, the machine must be stopped for removal.